Registered nurse

Company Name:
East Alabama Medical Center
EAMC is currently seeking a FLEX RN to join the Float Pool!
This a unique staffing opportunity allowing you to receive full-time benefits.
At least one year of RN experience HIGHLY preferred.
We offer excellent benefits and a great work environment including:
Excellent health benefits
Open-door culture and family atmosphere
RN Continuing Education paid for by EAMC
Retirement plan match ($.75 per $1 up to 6%)
College savings plan match
On-site Daycare
Professional and leadership development opportunities
Recognition events
Provides safe therapeutic care in a holistic and systematic way. Incorporates differences into the provision of care. Integrates knowledge, skills, and experiences to meet the needs of patients and families throughout the continuum to include patient and family education. Utilizes standards, guidelines, protocols, or pathways for care delivery. Incorporates data and information to continuously improve care and practice to enhance outcomes. Administers Medications according to standard nursing practice. Ensures improvements in practice settings by assuming responsibility for self-development. Qualifications: Recent hospital experience and/or previous nursing practice experience preferred. Graduate of a school of nursing. Registered Nursing License, CPR required.
_RN - FLEX Position Expectations:_
FLEX _employees will be considered full time employees with a guaranteed minimum schedule of 12 hours per week. FLEX __employees will be eligible for all full-time benefits offered by EAMC as long as guidelines/expectations are met_
Expected to be available to work 12 to 40 hours per week.
Must work when scheduled.
May receive schedule changes/adjustments with a 48 hr. notice
Expected to check the work schedule regularly for any schedule changes.
While FLEX staff may float to sister units, they are considered part of the core staffing for their home department. The home department is considered priority.
FLEX staff may refuse a schedule assignment only 5 times within a year before losing FLEX staff status. Upon the fifth refusal, the employee will lose their full-time benefits and be converted to per diem status.
FLEX staff may be assigned to other units in which they are competent if they are not needed in their home department
FLEX staff may be assigned to other units in which they are competent if they are not needed in their home department

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